Eyelashes are a very important part of our eyes. In addition to being aesthetic in sight they also have their reason for being. Its function is to protect our eye from any foreign object that may enter it. However, daily we hurt them with some bad habits, and this is the number one habit that damages your eyelashes. Stop doing it!


Day by day our lashes suffer the effects of our mistreatment. Without realizing the makeup we use and the way we manipulate our lashes have serious consequences. L


et’s start by saying that there are different ways to make our eyelashes remain curly. One of them is to use a little heat in the object that we use to curl them. On the other hand, the mascara used should be of good quality to keep them like the rhyme. Finally is the amount of product applied. They should be just two layers, but we often use more. Also, remember to leave the waterproof products out of your daily makeup. These are made only for special occasions, as they affect your eyelashes because they contain many chemicals to hold them up.


Here is the guilty number 1 that damages your eyelashes: mascara. This can be a


n ally or a deadly enemy to our eyelashes. Remember that this cosmetic has many chemicals, as it is designed to leave your eyelashes in place. This involves several fasteners that dry the lashes as they are at the moment, allowing the crimp to be retained. The worst of it is that many women make the mistake of curling their eyelashes a little more after applying mascara!

Do not ever do it

This is the number one habit that damages your eyelashes. As I just mentioned, your eyelashes are fixed with the mascara. Then, trying to ruffle them after it dries can hurt them, to the point of leaving you without them. Prevent your eyelashes from cracking correctly using the curler and mascara. Do not forget to remove your eyelashes at the end of the day. Finally, remember that mascara fixatives can be very mistreated if not removed properly.

It is necessary to give them the required cleaning and the necessary care to keep them super beautiful for a longer time. Take care of them!


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