Do you have tanned skin and do not know which colors to choose? Do not worry, here I show you an example of makeup in warm tones super flattering for girls with tanned skin. This beautiful skin type has the advantage that you can use a wide range of shades and colors to enhance your beauty. Know these proposals and dare to try them. You will make an enviable makeup.


The best thing to enhance a tanned skin is makeup in warm tones. For your face we recommend a base that is most similar to your skin tone, not a clearer one, because it could make you look pale. In the area of ​​your cheeks, a blush ranging from peach to terracotta is a good choice. They will look natural and give light to your face.


For your lips there is no better ally than a slightly darker tone to yours. You can give a stroke of color to your lips using a deep red lipstick, such as cherry or burgundy. Another option, if you prefer warm tones in nude, we recommend one of the color of your nipples, no joke. Mother nature is wise, the color of your nipples is ideal for a spectacular nude lips.


When choosing the shadows, try them in coppery tone or matte terracotta, you will give depth to your look. If you want something more intense, you can try with golden shades dark and bright. You will increase the light of your eyes. A lightweight outline will give you a more natural look. If you decide to use one more overloaded or exaggerated, you will bring drama to your look.



If you prefer your makeup in mate, but you want to give light to your face, put a little glow in the central parts of your face, such as nose, forehead, lips and chin. Apply a light touch on the ends of your cheekbones to enhance and delineate the face slightly. You will discreetly frame your face giving a discreet glow.

Always remember to make-up, deep and very delicate, always before bed, so take care of your beautiful tanned skin.

Do you have any other advice for tanned skins?


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