Being sexy is just the young ones. Mmmhhh. We doubt it very much! There are many ways a woman can be sexy without falling into the vulgar at 40 and 50 years old. Let your femininity come to life with the following tips. Of course you can be sexy after 40 and here we tell you how and when.


Perhaps the most important thing to be sexy without falling into the vulgar is to take care of the clothes you wear. Always according to your age, avoid the miniskirts that sell in teen stores. There are much more elegant and discreet sexy clothes that you can wear. Take care that the necklines are not too pronounced. At your age, the personality and the way you take life are noticeable in your clothing. Look for clothes that fit your body, do not hide your curves.


Tell her no to make-up exaggerated. Avoid wearing the makeup trends that are not going to you. For you, the best thing is a more natural makeup that enhances your features. Remember that less is more and that applies at any age. Always look for flattering colors. In fact, the earthy and soft lip tones can be excellent for daytime use. Finally, leave the colors more strident for the night. Cute red lips are a great choice as long as you keep your eyes on a discreet makeup.


At this age, many women usually walk with their eyes down, caring very little about the feminine details that they used to have. Do not let it happen, always walk forward with the look forward. Take care of your appearance and, above all, show that inner confidence that characterizes you so much. Being sexy has very little to do with what you wear or how you look … it’s actually attitude.


Use the aroma in your favor. The trail left by a woman when walking can be the most sexy. Look for aromas that go with your personality. Finally, there are so many combinations for day and night that you will always find one that suits you. Then, make the most of them by applying them in strategic places.


Finally, there is nothing better in a woman than her smile. Think about how many times a day you smile. I assure you there are not many. In fact, there lies the difference between a sexy woman and girls who are not. Smile a little more; Youth is not only noticed in the way you dress, but in the way you see life.

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