We do not deny that sugar-rich foods are delicious and irresistible. However, excess sugar is related to obesity, diabetes and the onset of cavities. No Please! Believe it or not, you can find other foods that taste just as sweet as junk food and also healthier. If you have trouble reducing your sugar intake, we will help you in just three steps.


The basis of good food is the variety of foods, which include all groups in a balanced manner. Part of that balance is adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. The consumption of three fruits a day contains enough sugar to satisfy you without harming your health. As you know, food is divided into three categories: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is important to start the day with foods rich in vitamins and minerals at breakfast, such as fruit, cereals or juice. At mealtime try to consume foods rich in healthy proteins, such as eggs, meat and legumes. At night, lightly dine and try adding cereals or legumes to your plate. As a recommendation never fast because it affects your metabolism.


It may give you laxity at first, but it is important to read the labels of the products you are going to consume. Consider the amount of calories, fat, sugar, etc. Be careful because sugar usually has other names on some labels, such as: fructose, dextrose, syrup, maltose, honey, glucose among others. Avoid at all costs the sweeteners that are: sorbitol, maltitol, saccharin, aspartame and acesulfame, etc. It is scientifically proven that sweeteners affect the reward center of the brain.


This step may seem simple, but it really is complicated for some people. When you have the initiative to maintain a healthy body only by fashion or because someone else does, it is almost certain that we will fail. The best way to consume less sugar is to become aware of the benefits of healthy eating, the consequences of eating uncontrolled sugar. Analyze all the sugar you have consumed all these years and the risk that you can have diabetes, obesity or cavities. Would you really like to go through that? Give yourself a good reason to start being healthier.

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